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The Idea: SS2 is a team RCT2 competition in which teams (amount of parkmakers on any team roster is dependent on the number of total participants) compete over multiple rounds of play. Like in a real sport, teams will have weeks off and time to recover depending on their schedule. At the end of a set number of rounds, the two teams with the highest scores will advance to a final championship round.

The Teams: SS2 teams will be composed of one captain and a handful of team members. The total number of members on a team will be dependent on the total number of people who sign up for the SS2 competition.

The Parks: All SS2 parks must be made on a provided contest work-bench, with pre-determined dimensions. Truly, those are the only limitations. From there, be creative. Trainors and hacking are encouraged, and outlandish ideas are always accepted.

The Competition: At the end of each week of the SS2 season, a number of teams will be required to turn their weekly entry into the head-of-competition via PM, where it will be sent to the judges forum to be judged. Scores and results usually will take one week to process.

Team Formation: Before everybody jumps to form a team, listen up. Teams will be formed Draft-style this year to avoid overly-stacked teams. Draft picks will be made by team captains.

The Final Showdown: The Final Showdown is the championship of the SS2 tournament. Here, the two top teams will compete head to head for victory.

Duels: This time, it's personal. In this new addition to the SS competition, teams will have the chance at ultimate revenge. Every team will be given one "duel" to use at any time in the competition. A duel will allow one parkmaker from a team that lost a round to the winning team by 10 or less points to call out on parkmaker from the winning team in a true head to head duel. Winner takes all.

+10: As usual, ten additional points will be awarded to a week's winning team

Dates: All dates are tentative, however an estimation for week #1 would be late June/early July.

Summer Showdown '07 Bench: This years park bench can be downloaded here. Special thanks to forum member Geewhzz for organizing this bench.

Weekly Entries:
Millaround Park by The Coaster Mafia
Clevedon Pleasure Beach by The Spidermen
Bueno Beach California by The Knights who Say Ni
Adventure Point Beach Boardwalk by AeroLost Coasters
Creighton Canyon by The Coaster Mafia
Castles of Aberdeen by The Knights who Say Ni
Victoria Gardens by AeroLost Coasters
Orange Grove Lake Park by The Coaster Mafia
Splashdown San Diego by The Spidermen
Blasphemy Bay by The Knights who Say Ni
Tussaud's Tropica Acres by The Coaster Mafia
Shemlock Hills by The Spidermen
Aetna Village by AeroLost Coasters
Busch Gardens Australia by The Spidermen
[ Round Forfeit ] by The Knights who Say Ni
Carnyfair! by AeroLost Coasters
Acarnia Peninsula by The Coaster Mafia
Disney Studios - Hong Kong by The Spidermen
[ Round Forfeit ] by The Knights who Say Ni
Rainforest Tropica by AeroLost Coasters


Team\Round Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Total
The Coaster Mafia
The Spidermen
The Knights who Say Ni
AeroLost Coasters

2007 Summer Showdown Winner:

The Spider-Men with 378 Points!